The gaming table is bloodied...

The year is 1586 and things are starting to hot up on the south coast near Nagoya. The Murakami clan are getting more arrogant with their raids and more wako are teaming up with them to partake of the spoils...

The small village of Kaigawa just inland from the coast with Sanada forces moving through it to intercept the incoming Murakami

The aforementioned Murakami and wako on the move

The Sanada moving through the village

The two forces get closer, who will spill the first blood!

The raiders enter the village and come under fire from some Sanada teppo on the periphery but with limited effect

The Sanada rush out from the village to try and catch the Murakami in the paddy fields (yes, I know there's only one  lol )

But are taken out by the roaming wako

The Sanada samurai 'hide' behind some of the village buildings (a ritual disembowelling for Sanada Akihito if he survives...)

They finally come out from cover into a hail of arrows which they pass through relatively unscaved and see off the offending archers with aplomb

After seeing off the archers, the samurai turn on the remaining Murakami foot troops and a bitter struggle ensues...

But the Sanada samurai are victorious (just) and chase the last remnants from the field

But in their victory they forget the wako who are left to raid the village and kill the hapless locals (only two though so it wasn't too bad  ;) )

All in all, quite a bloody game with no clear victor (although others will tell a different tale).

Will nothing stop the Murakami from plaguing the coasts...



Lack of posts

Well, apologies for the lack of posts recently, we've just completed a rather messy house move that took an awful lot longer that we hoped.

The good news is I have a dedicated man cave and will be able to fit an 8x4 table in at a push, normally it will be 6x4.

So here's looking forward to many more games and projects for 2015 and beyond :-)

Here are a couple of random pictures to make up for the lack of posts.