And now for some figures

For those of you that front the LAF you'll have seen these before but I thought I would post them here before returning from Japan and carrying on with other projects that I intend to show.

It's a long term War of the Roses/Game of Thrones project that includes terrain and figures alike.  The figures are mainly Perrys as having seen other peoples projects on the same they seem to be the most suitable for both.

The WotR initial retinue is of the fictional character, Sir John Aspley of Guildford. A simple colour scheme of blue and pale green with a white crescent (I later found that I have probably put it on the wrong side of the tunics but never mind...).

This is the retinue as it stands at the moment. The advantage with using Perry figures for both projects is that several of them will be able to be used in both settings (I might even use the WotR figures as a small house from the Reach or some such).

I have a few more undercoated at home and will hopefully put some paint on them this coming week including a converted character for Sir John himself.

The GoT project has been inspired by the TV program and although I'm working my way though the books it does look very good and I like their take on it.

My chosen main house is the Karstarks (mainly as the sigil is fairly easy compared to most) and again they will be mostly Perrys with some conversions (woollen additions and cloaks etc to imply soldiers from the winters north).

The hero is a Gripping Beast Age of Arthur figure with a head, shield and sword hand swap, fairly easy but gives an impression of a different figure all together.

The details on his shield were done with a technical pen and are the same as the banner (I haven't taken a decent shot of his shield yet).

I also wanted to try some different coloured armour so went for black on the banner bearer and my do some more of the same that would work for a household guard or some such.

And what is a project without terrain... The unfortunate thing is that the pictures of said terrain are on my phone but I will sort out a separate post with it in when I return on Wednesday.

Just as a final shot we have all the figures so far, not many I know but they get more :-)

On a final note, bravo to Blogger for allowing the placement of pictures in the post content on the pad :-)



  1. Great brushwork.
    Question...if the character is fictional..how could it be that the tunics are the wrong way around?

  2. It would seem from looking at War of the Roses research that the sigil was worn on the left breast and not the right. I'm not bothered really, it's just one of those little annoying things that crop up every now and then :-)



  3. Awesome brushwork as always - I really like the black armored guy. Best, Dean

  4. Fantastic painting jobs!! Love the black armored one, and his flag is very nice, I like it!!

  5. Many thanks chaps :-)