Down in Dorset - part the sixth - more pictures to add

Some Georgian town houses.

As promised, here is the first (sixth really) in the next few posts of what went into the table for this years Salute. The whole lot is a commission and it somehow keeps getting added to as we go along lol

The town houses were quite simple after doing a bit of research and most of them keep to the same style. The difficult bit was trying to get accurate colours for the render so I think some of them might be slightly off.

They were ll made from lasered acrylic with various elements such as sills, lintels and porticoes added after with strip styrene. One of them was done with brick sheeting and one as clapboard just to break up the monotony somewhat.

There are still quite a few to do but the next ones will have shop fronts and a few more details as they will be in the centre of the town.



  1. Beautiful work, as always, Jim!!

    "The stars at night, are big and bright - deep in the heart of DORSET" :-D

  2. Many thanks for the kind comments chaps :-)

    There will be more to follow...