A long time ago... Episode 3 3/4

A Most Daring Plan

Rumours of the Empires expansion continue but none more so frightening than the new Super Star Destroyer, an eight kilometre long killing machine...

Fortunately for the galaxy, some Jedi were over looked when the Empire were hunting them down. One such Jedi; going by the name Bona Gon Flatte, trying to do his bit for the galaxy, has stumbled across a set of plans for the super stardestroyers waste disposal system fortuitously left in a garbage canister...

He has contacted the emerging Rebel Alliance and needs to get the plans to their headquarters as quickly as possible but he has to get the plans off planet with his trusty droid and companion 2mE-2U.

With the help of a small unit of rebel soldiers he has to try and get to a small landing pad before the Imperial stormtroopers can stop him and retrieve the plans....

General set up of the terrain. The rebels are starting top right and the Imperials are in two groups on the bottom left.

The stormtroopers try to gain the high ground whilst the rebels sneak around the buildings at ground level.

A rebel pilot tries to sneak around the back but is seen by the troopers on the roof...

The main rebel force goes round the long way in a bid to get as much cover as possible but a firefight starts and there are casualties...

In order to buy some time, Bona Gon Flatte vaults on the roof and tries to take out the Imperials.

He succeeds in killing one trooper and force pushing the remaining trooper and officer off the building leaving the way clear for the main rebel force.

After a brief shoot out with the other stormtroopers unit the rebels manage to get to the landing pad and onto the shuttle, but not without a final showdown.

With the plans in the shuttle the rebels blast their way into space but will they be pursued...



  1. Exellent AAR ! Stunning looking game ! Rules?

  2. Thanks for the comments chaps :-)

    The rules are a cut down version of Grunts but they still need tweaking and the force rules need sorting out.



  3. Those names! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Very cool stuff!

  5. Cheers again :-)

    Glad the names brought some amusement lol