New releases from Wiley Games

Bigger Battles and Starfighters are now in the OSHIRO modelterrain webshop

They use the same game engine as Fistful of Lead and are our little gamig groups favorurite set of rules.

Bigger Battles allows you to field units instead of individual characters but the mehanics are the same. Startfighters is the basic engine with additions suitable for Hollywood style dogfights in space. There's also a section for fleet battles, which is what I'm doing my 1:1000 Star Wars project for.

There are also themed cards for Starfighters and of course the other products from Wiley Games are there.


Sod off 'Tango'


  1. Excellent news, I’ve been looking for a way to get all of my x wing ships out without updating to second edition! Ordered.

    1. They're a good set of rules and any ships can be use with them.

      (postng tomorrow)



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