Friday, 24 January 2020

New releases

I ment to post these up a while ago but there's been quit a few new releases for OSHIRO in the new ear and plenty more to come.

A few pictures of examples and links to the webshop sections where they are :-)

There are plenty of new releases due in the coming weeks as well and hopefully something special in time for Salute...

Chinese walls

Urban Future

Sci-Fi additions

Sci-Fi vehicles

Victorian additions


Sunday, 19 January 2020

Salute 2020 wips and progress

Work continues for the Salute board with more building bases. I've had these in this state for a while but they're starting to be finished off now, with the one on the left being the first. Couldn't remember the colours for the original bases but I think the match is close enough :-)

The village board is new using some of the loose buildings in the first photo.

I'm going to need some more samurai house enclosures which will hopefully mean some more releases :-)


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

German builds again

Got three more to do for this batch but I'll show these ones for now. When the rest are done I'll pop them on some decent terrain as the white background can be a bit stark when there are multiple buildings there.

Who knows, I might even have more than one figure lol


Saturday, 11 January 2020

The slowest hunk of junk in the galaxy

I had this started a year or two ago and it stayed in the same state up until a short while ago where I dug it out and got it finished. It was basically two boxes joined together by an unfinished one.

The joining 'box' was finished off and then the panelling began. Styrene cut to size for the most part with some choice bits from the bits box for the rest. Some bits aren't quite square but you can't really tell now it's painted.

The cargo is magnetised and I'll be doing other load outs to go with it.

It was sprayed an off white and given a liberal coat of GW brown ink which was wiped off with a clean cloth. A sponge was used for the weathering of the flaked paint and some rust washes were added as well. A few pastel streaks here and there along with a painted cockpit and it was good to go.

Originally intended for 28mm (of course) but it's also good for smaller scale actions as well; the last pictures showing the Bandai Vehicle box fighters (in an unpainted state but once I get some egress tubes done I'll take some more photos)


Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Salute 2020

Well, it's nearly that time again and I have to make a start (or a continuation) of the Salute board that's planned. 15mm big battles in the shadow of a castle.

It'll be around 7x5 (or 6x4) to allow space for cards around the edge and other paraphernalia.

Here's what I've got so far. I'll need a few more units of course and a few more building bases but the big thing will be a castle in the corner including a tenshu (currently being mastered). The Sanada clan (red) were painted by RJ and the Honda (black and white) by ADC painting. The little base of ronin and commander were painted by me. I can't afford for more to be painted by others though  :?

Not much time left lol