Medieval church

Nice little 28mm commission done and dusted for a good friend. Won't see the table top for a while which is a shame (means it's taking up shelf space lol) but we'll get to have a game, or even several, with it at some point.

Interior furniture and the stained glass weren't required but it could be added at a later date if necessary :-)


'Tango' (or Bill, whoever it is) can just go away and provide their own content


  1. Very nice mate, especially the interior floor detaining.

  2. Great inspiration JB- I have to make a church one day... I really like the irregular edge of the base too; I have been mounting all my buildings on boring old rectangles and squares.

    1. Thank you :-)

      The shape of the building helps with the irregularity but a few wavy lines on a normal building base would certainly help it to blend into the surroundings a bit more.



  3. Awesome work - looks fantastic!

  4. Inspirational as always, it looks splendid!
    Best Iain

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