Monday, 10 June 2019

Even more OSHIRO releases

Trying to get regular releases done at the moment and it seems to be working.

At the moment the webshop has around 230 items in it but I've got plans, ideas, sketches, lists etc for around 500 more. I doubt that will happen of course but we can all dream :-)

So, first off is a new Chinese house/shop to compliment the existing range. CR07 Here

And then some firing steps/barricades and an artillery platform for all your colonial misadventures. These are even suitable for later conflicts such as WWI/WWII or modern games. Here

Next up is a sci-fi medium cargo skiff. Suitable for Star Wars or any other sci-fi setting. SFV03 Here

And finally for this run are a couple more additions for the Urban Future. UFA17/18 Here



  1. Amazing additions to an already outstanding range. Especially the Chinese stuff looks brilliant imho.

  2. Brilliant stuff mate. Large order of fire steps on the way!

    1. Cheers fella :-)

      Got the order before I saw your comment lol