Akira - recap and progress

I keep dipping in and out of this project (like most of them lol) and at the moment there's been a fair amount of titivating of some of the buildings I've done so far. I'm thinking that I'll finish all the existing ones to the same standard before starting anymore.

Trouble is, I've got another five to get all the little details on lol

It's actually quite therapeutic finishing these off, looking at reference photos for all the little details. I won't be doing them to a 100% standard as it would take too long, just enough so I'm happy with them and that there's enough details there to catch the eye.

Quite a few of the additional details are availble from my Urban Future range of scatter pieces available in the OSHIRO modelterrain webhop.

OSHIROmodelterrain Urban Future

I've also done some floating cars (very Ian McQue styley) tht will be used as street dressing.

So, onto the pictures. You'll have seen some of these before but they have had extras added. The green building is completely new though and I'm quite pleased with the ramen shop interior although there's still some things that need finishing off for it :-)

I will be doing some videos of the individual buildings on a turntable at some point in the near future; watch this space...



  1. Wow, this is one marvelous project.
    I love Akira (the Manga that is, the anime less so) and I'm happy to see you manage to capture the style of the series almost perfectly.
    Can't wait to see the rest of the buildings.

    1. Thank you :-)

      I've got some open sewer elements planned but I don't think they'll bedone for a while yet.