Aha! Back from holidays :-)

Well, it's been a while but I'm back into the fray at last but obviously having been away I don't have much to show for it :-/

But what I do have is some more figures for Hail Caeser to sort out and show :-)

This is going to be my generals command base for the samurai, I thought about making a full on maku screen version but (as always) it was going to be too big, probably not a real problem but for the time being I'm keeping things fairly small.

I've also got 32 pikemen primed and started for the Sanada Clan but using the ladder motif instead of the 'Roku mon ji' (six coins) to represent a different member of the clan.

I've also dug out some Norman crossbowman and started to rebase them this morning, it's only a small unit for now but I know I have another 8 somewhere and eventually I'll dig them out and get them painted. The thing I like about Hail Caeser is the fact there are no strict lists or points systems to adhere to like so many other rules systems out there. Just play with what you like or have (within reason of course :-)

Obviously there has to be some historical accuracy involved but it is rather free form, which I like. It is also a good impetus to get all those unfinished figures painted!

The other unit that I have is the cavalry but I'm going to leave these based as they are (25x50) because I quite like they way they have turned out. I have about another four primed and ready to go but these won't be done for a while yet.

Some levy troops will be next on the shopping list to balance the force out a bit more, unarmoured spearmen and crap cavalry, several units of each.

I've also got to think about some terrain for them, but what though... ;-)


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