28mm Yamashiro is ready

The modular yamashiro is finally ready to sell and it will be going on the website next week.

First off is the gateway, nice and simple as mentioned in a post below. This section is 150mm long like the straight sections already available and is about 100mm high. The gap under the gatehouse is approx 45mm.

The next two sections are both 60 degree corners, one internal and one external. I have started on the masters for 30 degree corners but these won't be ready for a while yet.

One of the options that will be on the website proper is a set of one gateway, two external corners and two straight sections. There will also be an expansion of more straights and internal corners but that yet to be finalised.

The set option is shown on the left and although it won't fit flush with a table edge I don't think this will be a problem.

The buildings in the yamashiro section will also be available in a set and there are more waiting in the wings to be finished off.

I also have plans for a few other sections which I think I mentioned in a previous post but I'll mention them again.

There will be a integrated wall building (used either as a store room or barracks), a corner tower but the size is no where near decided yet. There will also be a small tenshu or keep and a slightly larger barrack building.

I'm also thinking of an openwork watchtower but that's a fair way off yet.



  1. Thats awesome, geez you do some great work.

  2. Any chance of some background: history, research etc. to goes with these lovely models James?

  3. This is superb, can't get enough of your japanese style buildings!

  4. Thanks chaps :-)

    Steve, I think I might just have a history post in the next couple weeks, just for you ;-)


  5. That would be great James, I'm a complete numbty on Japan and have little time for reading up on it at the moment. So some background on the pieces would be much appreciated.