More ashigaru for Caesar?!?

Just a small post today of my second Hail Caesar samurai forces.

These boys are Sanada clan and there are five bases for my typical unit frontage but not all of them have four figures on. The figures lend themselves to have a bit of disorganisation and so several of the bases only have three figures on them.

I'm thinking I might employ this more often as it would save a little bit on figures and give them a more 'authentic' look.

The banner was hand painted again along with the mon on the jingasa. I left the sashimono blank as this seemed to be the case for quite a few ashigaru units (well, according to a couple of Japanese books I've got).I will, at some point, set up a decent photography area in my room as my camera skills leave a lot to be desired :-/ However, in the mean time, these will have to do.

I've got the next unit primed and mounted for painted but I probably won't touch them for a while as I've got a few commissions to get cracking on with.



  1. Didn't know you had a blog, but I'm following! Great looking unit James!


  2. This is a impressive unit.

  3. Thanks chaps :-)

    I've got another one on the go at the moment