Hail Caesar samurai.

Well, samurai and ashigaru.

I've finally finished my first proper unit for Hail Caesar (as opposed to re-basing existing figures).

The clan is Myoshi which, along with Sanada, are going to be my main clans for the time being. There are so many that it does become difficult to pick between them.
There are five bases in total and I think that will be the norm for nagai-yari ashigaru (pikes). For the teppo and yumi (arquebus and bow) armed troops I'll be doing four bases with a smaller amount of command.

I still have the nobori to do (two off) and I'm torn between hand painting or printing and touching up.

I'm also working on a divisional command base for my Sanada (already got one for the Myoshi, see an earlier post).

I have enough troops for a small division (two pike and one arquebus) and when I get them back I'll be re-basing them all and then, then I'll be able to have a game. Still got to sort out the tweaks for the rules which I'll get round to over the next few weeks or so.

Below are some pictures of existing figures that I'll leave you with to enjoy :-)



  1. Lovely!!!! The cavalry are exceptional!!!
    I love the look of Samurais...I cannot paint them though..too difficult for me..


  2. Lovely models - the appeal to do something Japanese keeps growing when I see your figures and terrain pieces.

  3. How shiny should the laquer armour be James?

  4. Oh and were did you get the nagai-yari?

  5. Thanks chaps :-) They do get easier with time ;-)

    Stephan, the lacquer can be as shiny as you like but I tend to go for a medium shininess as it seems to work best. The nagai -yari are from the Perrys (I meant to pick some up at Colours but forgot so got them off the website on the Monday).

    I'd recommend sanding the tops of them as they are a bit rounded and it will get rid of the steeling colour.



  6. Awesome stuff James - what a collection. The cavalry are my favorite.


  7. Graet work!
    What is the size of the nagai-yari ashigaru base?

  8. Thanks again chaps :-)

    @ Rokurota - the bases are a standard 40mm square and there are 5 of them.




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