Chinese fireworks factory

For todays diversion we have a Chinese fireworks factory that was commissioned by a very nice chap from the LAF.

The brief was quite basic, just a compound with a couple of buildings and a broken wall with firework stand as fill-ins and a damaged section as if the fireworks had gone off prematurely. I got the inspiration for the layout from an old Boxer rebellion photo and the rest just sort of fell into place. The basic construction was out of 5mm perspex with various windows and doors laser cut out.

The layout changed somewhat from the initial design but the client was fine with this and once the basic construction was finished the details were added.

As it is supposed to be a factory I thought they would probably test the fireworks on site so I made a small 'launch' platform with a rather crude launcher on it (with of course a fire work standing by). Other details included the damaged wall to the rear, the idea being that an accident had blown part of the wall, roof away and a round door with round windows for the entrance (a suitable Chinese feel).

The other main detail was the firework stands that fill the gap in the wall, one of which had to be a large pot of sulphur on a fire (the one on the right).

Once all the parts were done it was on to the painting. Normal creamy coloured walls were the order of the day but for a change I decided to paint the roof red (red glazed tiles as opposed to grey glazed tiles). The groundwork was painted as normal and the floor of the compound was a warm grey. All the base colours were painted first and then the shading and highlighting was done after to bring the colours more together.

 I felt a fair bit of weathering was called for and dirtied down several places with inks and pastels. The explosion damage to the rear needed a lot of weathering  but this was done after the normal shading, highlighting and weathering was done.The firework stands were painted as normal with the only real weathering on the sulphur pot and fire (which isn't lit). There are also signs above the doors in Chinese and they say, in size order from small to large, Powder Store, Warehouse and Testing Room. The sign above the main entrance says 'Wei Lo Bang, The best Fireworks.

I'll leave you with some more beauty shots


  1. Fatastic work as always, and I love the moon gate entrance.

    The person you have done the commision for is one lucky gamer!

  2. Wonderful work and really like the explosion damage to the wall!


  3. That looks sensational, love the name We Lo BANG! best fireworks, hahaha good stuff, entry gate looks great and the attention to detail is awesome.

  4. Thanks gents :-)



  5. James, that looks wonderful. The explosion damage to the wall, the chinese characters, the line of fireworks, the fireworks.... gosh, it's a beauty!

  6. Thats a real cracker...!! :)