Whilst I'm in the posting mood...

I'll show you another little commission that was done awhile ago.

It's a wajo, which was generally a small fort in Korea made by the invading Japanese and although they were only supposed to be temporary structures they were built to resist determined attack.

Only a couple of progress photos which are below with the remainder being finished piccies. Unfortunately I haven't cleaned up the finished photos yet but they don't look too bad.

The basic construction was an acrylic box following the finished shape, this was then clad in resin stonework sheeting that I'd had a for a while. The walls were lasered in card with a few damaged areas that were filled with a simple mesh.

Distressed balsa wood for the roofs and a copious amount of sand and it was ready for painting

The wajo was painted with off white panels (apparently there is quite chalky soil in certain parts of Korea) and a greyish brown for the wood.

The stone walls were painted in various shades of grey including some creams and then were washed with ink and drybrushed up.

The flags were printed up, slightly weathered and stuck to some brass frames that I soldered together.