A bit of a mix

For today's little diversion I've got a small selection of things found in my photos folder and continuing projects that will hopefully see more of the light of day.

First off are a couple of the Victorian terrace buildings that I do together with a backyard and pavements. My goal in 2015 is to promote thee buildings and get more types and variations done along with various additions that can be used in a Victorian or Georgian setting. This is still a it of a wip but some of you might have seen it at last years Salute and it will be there this year (yes, I am trading there, more on which in a later post) but in a complete state.

The next one is a little Bronze age hut I made for a chap on the LAF. Fairly simple in it's construction and most of the time spent was in the painting, trying to get as many shades as possible. The roof is the dreaded teddy bear fur that's had a lot of work on it to try and make it look not like teddy bear fur... Almost got it...

This building made an appearance on my Salute 2014 VSF table and will be there again this year but with a complete walled garden. It's all acrylic apart from the rof which is a styrene pantile sheet.There were many calls for this to be made into a kit, which I might still do but it needs some thinking as I made it on the fly about two weeks before Salute :-/

And lastly we have some Georgian terraces that will make it into the catalogue once I have finished designing the roof. Out little gaming group have been talking about some Gothic horror gaming in ol London and these, along with the Victorian buildings would be most suitable.

An idea for a gaming table with the front lightwells including has been thought about along with some basement action for all those creepy ne'er do well to hide in...

Hope to have more on the Victorian/Gerogian buildings in the coming weeks and months so watch this space :-)