A journey to the Empire - Building 2

I'm pleased that I still have the impetus to carry on with these as I'm sure most of you know, there is a habit to move onto new, shinier things :-)

The idea with this one (as with the ones to come) is the same, tart them up and finish them to an acceptable standard and then eventually (fingers crossed) have a game or two.

This one, like the first, was started in 2004 when I had a larger session of starting lots of buildings with a view to making an Empire city, pictures of which is below. Unfortunately, moving house and needing to reduce the amount of 'stuff' meant that most of the city walls went in the bin but I kept a few items and will quite possibly have a look at doing something similar in the future.

Again, the construction was from card and balsa with the addition of a plastic hemisphere for the dome. There wasn't much left to do on this one fortunately, just a few bits of balsa, roof ridges and some detail on the dome and flat roof.

Painting was in the same style as the first and I've written down the basic colours used as my memory isn't what it used to be but there should be enough variation in the colours to make it look different.



  1. Gasp! That is amazing! I'm speechless!

    1. Thank you kindly :-)

      Plenty more to come over the next few weeks.



  2. Lovely work on the roof and timber framing, all very nice !
    Best Iain