Akira 3

The vehicles so far.

Being an urban environment there needs to be plenty of vehicles, either in use in the game or as set dressing.

I've bought plenty of die cast toy cars from Japan around the 1:48-1:56 scale and have dirtied them down a bit but these will be for set dressing only. The main vehicles so far are below but I've got plans for some serious police hardware (think Patlabor) and have a couple of plamodel kits for them.

The first police tech is an oop walker from Antenocitis Workshop (I fortunately managed to get hold of a second one). The paint job is based loosely on Patlabor but I need to get a Japanese police star to go on the front, probably 3d printed. It's quite possibly a bit dirty but with the project being slightly distopian I figured it didn't matter that much.

The second walker is I think from Micropanzer and is painted as a military test piece but has been stolen by a separatist group (or something similar, haven't quite decided yet).

There's also a SWAT van, or it might be a private security firm as I haven't added any decals yet. I was challenged to light it up which in the end turned out to be quite fun. There's also an Antenocitis' smart car that wasgoing to have a swish red and gold paint job but the masking liquid reacted with the paint and so I had to rescue it by doing a beat up, rusted version; I think it turned out quite well.

The last vehicle is a bit of silliness in the form of a 'Girls und Panzer' tank (I've got two but no photos of the second one). The tank is 1:48 but I was surprised as to how small it is. The colour scheme is made up as I'm not copying the anime directly, just using it for inspiration.

That’s it for the one being for this project, there’s plenty more to show but I want to move onto my large VSF project, “Japanese on Mars” along with other commission work.



  1. Nice work; they all look great especially the military green walker. I have seen a few minutes of Girls und Panzer, and whilst I sort of get the concept... I don't get it. It is sort of fun though and that tank looks cool.

    1. Cheers 😊

      I know what you mean about girls und panzers but I had the angry schoolgirls from Crooked Dice and couldn’t think what to do with them until I saw it.