A journey to the Empire - Covered bridge

Just a quick post for this evening of a covered bridge and a 'dead' tree for my Empire project. The bridge is made to fit a river board but is removable as I have other bridges for different games that can fit there as well. The tree is a piece of dead lavender and scale quite nicely.

The bridge took a while to build using plenty of engineers square and jigs. The walls were made and painted separately before being stuck on as they are quite fragile. The roof and tower were stuck on after that and then painted.

The tree was given a coupe of drybrushes and stuck on a base which was treated the normal way.



  1. Realistic and splendid, congrats!

  2. The tree is nice and the bridge is delightful!
    Best Iain

  3. Awesome work. The bridge is stunningly detailed & impressively painted, & the tree is simple but really effective.

  4. Bright and crisp painting!