Sunday, 30 October 2011

28mm Victorian modular warehouse

Two posts in one weekend, I must be going mad...

I've been working this out for a few weeks now and here is the result, a modular Victorian warehouse kit that's all ready to go (unassembled of course). As you can see form the picture to the right all the bits are there and come ready primed.

Included in the kit are the parts as follows. Front, back and side walls, roof plates and struts (including guide lines for the placement of tiles), a floor plate that sits inside the walls, door and windows (spare windows) and a sheet of tiles (enough for one roof).

The walls are designed so that they will join 'seemlessly' together and the window/door recesses have a slight ledge all the way round to support the said windows/door.

It is possible to make a larger version using two kits and I will post a little post on that in the near future.

The brick and door detail is recessed so there will be no lack of detail once it's painted. I do recommend using a spray basecoat and then normal drybrushing on top to get the desired effect.

The photo to the right shows the scored detailing a bit closer so you get an idea.

I have plans for different types of windows and doors in the near future that can be bought as a separate bundle and there will be other expansions also.

I will also be making lots of other types of building to go with this one and most of them will be able to be made together in some way (wall swaps, extensions etc).

The painted version I did quickly last night just to show the detail in a better light. Obviously this one is typical brick red but have a look in Google images for 'Victorian brick colours' to get an idea of the tones and hues available.

I will eventually be doing one in 'London stock' which is the yellowy/cream colour found in London and the surrounding area. Of course the roof can be left removable so as to have interior access and the door/windows can be left loose (or blu-tacked in place) to allow for the simulation of damage etc.

This is available now but won't be on the website for a while yet so if you fancy one then just e-mail me :-)

Well, that's all for now, I have a gaming weekend of games, food, beer and madness to get ready for next week :-D



  1. Good idea - I think this has real potential ;-)

  2. Here the details of brick and recessed door, so there will be no lack of detail, once it's painted. I recommend using spray primer, then in the above normal dry brushing, to obtain the desired results.

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