From the Back of Beyond

I've already posted this on the LAF but I'm putting it here for completeness.

It's a small Chinese walled compound or farm utilising the two Chinese buildings that are currently available from my catalogue (there will be more at some point soon). It could be used in any Chinese action and I'll probably do one for myself for the Boxer Rebellion.

The walls were scratch built but they are along the same lines as some wall masters that I have on the workbench. The buildings were painted in an off tan colour (Foundry American Tan I think) for the walls and a grey for the roof and then given a wash with a wash I've made up from matte medium, flow improver, some water and a couple of dashes of Vallejo inks (green, brown and a bit of black). Drybrushing was with Foundry Canvas light.

Typical groundwork and growies all round with part of a lager model tree stuck in the back to help give it it more of a setting. The figures are from my Boxer Rebellion Japanese range.



  1. This building is really impressive, great work on it!