New Victoria

Can't sleep again so a good time for another post, this time explaining and showing a bit more of my Colonial Martian city of New Victoria.

I've been playing VSF on and off for the past few years with a mate across the river and occasionally with some chaps from the LAF and the story behind seems to be getting a little bit out of control. I'll write a full back story before Salute but basically, Mars has been colonised and some of the indigenous population aren't keen on the idea...

New Victoria is the largest human city on Mars and is ever expanding. The idea was initially thought up a while ago and just keeps getting bigger and bigger; city walls, railway, neff hangers and docking stations, reconditioned canals, the list just keeps getting added to.

Anyway, on to some photos of the railway as it stands at the moment. The idea for a railway was an early one but to put it on a viaduct was a late addition. I had already made some mesa as terrain pieces but. Thought it might be a good idea to have the railway at a higher level, starting on one mesa and going across the table possibly to another one at the other end (the table for Salute will be 6 x 12).

A quick look on google images set me off...



  1. Wow James thats insane, the rust spots on the metal look great.

  2. Great work the crane and brick work look fantastic.

  3. Thanks chaps

    I intend to have some more comprehensive posts on some of the elements on the run up to Salute.