Star Wars ships so far

Just a quick post today with a picture showing all the ships and vehicles I've done for my Star Wars project up to now.

Top row, left to right.

TIE fighter (straight Bandai kit, just assembled and painted)
Old Imperial shuttle (modified toy, see an earlier post)
T-47c Snow speeder (modified Bandai kit, see an earlier post
T-16 (complete scratchbuild, see an earlier post)

Middle row

Intersystem cargo ship (complete scratchbuild)
Heavy space fighter (heavily modified Bandai kit)
Personal fighter (complete scratchbuild)
Heavy cargo skiff (complete scratchbuild)

Bottom row

Y-TIE ugly (two modified Bandai kits)
Racing 'Speedster' (complete scratchbuild)
Small cargo skiff (complete scratchbuild)

If there is enough interest I will post individual shots of all of them :-)