I recently had a couple of VSF commissions to do in the form of two Aphid class aeronefs. I do like a bit of VSF from time to time and these were a perfect chance to scratch the itch. They were for separate clients but I thought that doing them at the same time would work best; and it did, up until I dropped a heavy box on them as they were on my desk...

Needless to say, there were several choice words, a bit of stomping about and a feeling of 'bugger it'. Nevertheless, I carried on with them (after a while) and got them completed :-)

There's not many wip pics I'm afraid and the one below is before the box drop but basically the main deck is lasered acrylic and wood veneer, the under-frame was lasered acrylic along with the cabin on top. The white and triangle parts are for the under structure and were lasered from a material called rowmark, which is a hybrid of styrene and acrylic.

For the painting , the vast majority was sprayed as it gives a cleaner finish than brushing and the weathering tends to look better. The colour scheme was taken from images of Aphid nefs on the net and both were for British use.

The flight bases were just acrylic rod inserted in an acrylic tube stuck on a large, oval base. The rod is removable to ease transport. The guns were magnetised to allow removal if they get destroyed and the prop and flag pole are also removable.

Finished pictures of both are below but I have potentially got another one to make and I reckon I'll take some more comprehensive wip pics for a future post :-)