I tend to have a problem wherein I build things that are bigger than I really need and this is no exception. It's a turbolaser from the Star Wars universe.

It's not film accurate because if it were I'd still be making it but it's supposed to be a smaller version, hence the single barrel.

The main construction was from some scrap 5mm acrylic sheet from work (a dodgy colour that won't get used for anything) then clad in 1mm styrene sheet with gubbins added to taste. It stands about 550mm tall and is around 180mm square at the base. The three parts are separate ans the top can rotate but unfortunately the gun barrel doesn't go up and down which was a slight mistake on my part (gluing it a bit too well).

It's undercoated but still needs weathering etc before it'll be complete.I'm also going to look at doing a slightly different top that's been converted into a flight control centre so it could be used in our games in Mos Vegas as space traffic control :-)



  1. For some reason I had it in my head that this was a smaller scale piece (say 1/300ish for Xwing) until I saw the guy on the little balcony on the side... bonkers, in the best way.

    And yes, a control tower would be a great addition. Or a shield generator tower for a ground installation?

  2. Thanks :-)

    A smaller version is in the cards as I'm starting to amass some 1/144 scale fighters and will be getting the 1/144 AT-AT in the summer :-)

    A shield generator top is a good idea as well with a big dish 👍🏻

    Far too much to do though lol